Golden Triangle Bicycle tour

Enjoy with rice plantation

Cycling pass many of ricefields

Chiangrai cycling to visit hilltrib villages

Chiangrai cycling to visit hilltrib villages

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Chiangrai Bicycle Tour (Licence No. 24/00101) is a tour company that operates half day - five days cycling tours around Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle area. Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour is the only bicycle touring group based in Chiangrai, the northernmost province of Thailand.

 Rubber plantation

The cycling is on well-planned routes on quiet roads and lanes used by the local villagers, chosen for the interest and contact with the Thai countryside and Thai way of life. The bike tours are easy exercise and relaxing in beautiful surroundings that highlight the beautiful sites around Chiangrai.

Chingrai Cycling tour to White temple

While your are cycling you will experience authentic Thai culture and see local Thais working in rice paddies, fruit orchards, rubber plantations, and learn to appreciate the gentleness of the Thai people in the village. You will understand why they call Thailand “the land of smiles, the land of yellow robes.

  Chingrai Cycling tour to White temple

Chiangrai Bicycle Tour is Recommended by TripAdvisor and the Holidaysplease Thailand Holidays guide.

  Chingrai Cycling tour to White temple

Chiang Rai, the northernmost province of Thailand , is situated on the Kok River basin. Chiangrai is about 785 kilometres from Bangkok and 182 kilometres from Chiang Mai. Chiangrai is called "A Cycling Paradise" because of its rolling hills and beautiful mountain countryside . It offers a wonderful opportunity for riders to experience the Thai way of life as you cycle by and visit Thai villages, farmers working in their orchards and rice fields.